The Magics

In March of 2020 we welcomed five lovely goats. These beautiful goats suffered multiple coyote attacks to their herd before joining Farm Animal Refuge.

To keep goats safe, they need a barn at night and tall fences in the day time!

This group looks like they walked out of a fairy tale, which is why we often refer to them as “The Magics.”

Benny: Benny is funny and sassy, he is blueberry’s son and the two are always together.

Fonzie: Fonzie is the shiest of the group, but is very sweet after he gets to know you. Fonzie is Benny’s brother and the two are very close.

Guinness: Guinness was a twin and unfortunately lost his brother before coming to the refuge. We think this is why he loves to spend time with Brian and Liam. Guinness is a very lovey goat and is Blueberry’s boyfriend!

Donald: Donald is the oldest goat at the refuge and is a friend to all. He enjoys spending his days with Dude (another senior goat) and Honey.

Blueberry: Blueberry is Benny’s mom and a fearless leader! She is one tough lady and is the queen of this little family. Though she may be small, all of the goats respect her. She even puts Mocha in line occasionally!