Education Program

Farm Animal Refuge Education Program

Calling all educators!

We are proud to announce our free virtual field trips for your classrooms. This virtual field trip will take your class to Farm Animal Refuge. Your class will meet many of the animal residents here. This sixteen minute pre-recorded video is both fun and educational and will be available for you all year long. Please fill out the form below to access the video link. This video is most appropriate for grade K-4, but any classrooms are welcome to participate. You will also be provided coloring sheet PDFs and suggested reflection activities. The class focuses on compassion for all and is packed full of adorable animal friends.

Your class will learn:

  • Fun facts about formerly farmed animals
  • That farm animals are similar to dogs and cats
  • The difference between a farm and Farm Animal Refuge
  • That every animal resident is special

The students will meet animals like:

  • Grace, the cow who loves to cuddle and play ball.
  • Cashew, the polka dot pig that may just be smarter than your dog!
  • Firecracker the talkative pig who is 700 pounds!
  • The coolest crew of animal residents with additional needs. Watch Freddie, Maggie, and Gus zoom in their wheelchairs and learn how they all listen to their teacher, Tucker!
  • Chickens, Turkeys, Goats and more!

Education Sign Up Form

    How many students do you plan to show the video in the 2022/2023 school year?