Meet Our Volunteers

Donna Flumerfelt

“Farm Animal Refuge is a place of love, hope & second chances. I love helping these guys out because I know how hard & passionately they work to give the babies here the best life! And the best life I know they are getting ❤”

Sarah Sears

“I volunteer at Farm Animal Refuge because this farm is like a little piece of heaven! Jordan and Matt are such genuine, Loving people and the animals they have rescued are just as amazing. “

Eddie Hoffman

“When a love for animals and genuine hospitality come together, you get Farm Animal Refuge. This place has a positivity about itself that never fails to brighten my day. From talking with the wonderful owners, Matt and Jordan, to getting up close and personal with each and every animal, there really is no other place like it.”

Shannon Sears

“I am inspired by every being at Farm Animal Rescue! From the vocal pigs and chickens, to the snuggly goats, playful cows and passionate humans; I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to volunteer with such an amazing sanctuary.”

Jessie Markievitz

“I volunteer with Farm Animal Refuge because I know the true value of a pig belly rub, a kiss from a cow and a friendly goat head butt. I’m vegan for the animals, through and through. I love animal friendship, human friendship but mostly, I love (vegan) treats (and so does everyone else at the farm!)”

Alissa Munson

“I volunteer at Farm Animal Refuge because the work Matt and Jordan do is amazing. They rescue and rehabilitate abused and neglected animals and create a space for people to meet them and see that they are unique, funny, intelligent individuals that deserve kindness and compassion just like the dogs and cats we love. Volunteering with Matt, Jordan, and the whole animal crew is always the highlight of my week!”

Roberta Russo or Granny

“I love to spend my days at the farm. It is my happy place . I love all my grand babies and enjoy being with them whenever I can.”

Rachel McGrane

“I became vegan for the animals in May 2019. I changed my diet, where I spent my time, and what I purchased. Yet, I kept looking for something more, something tangible. Volunteering each week at Farm Animal Refuge reminds me why I am vegan and is a way to directly help animals. I look forward to helping Dorothy and Gina with their feet, brushing Gracie and Alfie, cleaning out barns, scooping poop, and best of all- hugs and love for and from the animals, especially Rashida.”