Blog To Save Lives

Here at Farm Animal Refuge we believe that education, awareness and action are essential to help save innocent lives, the environment and create better heath for ourselves.

In an effort to accomplish the aforementioned goals we are starting a blog so vegans from around the world can share their story of the road they traveled to become a vegan. Your story could be the catalyst to set another human being on course to a plant based diet and saving lives. It all starts with you, you are the change, collectively we can do great things, but it all begins with you. Please join us in this amazing outreach program.

Please feel free to submit your blog/article to our dedicated email address for bloggers at [email protected]. Please follow the guidelines below. If you feel you need to go over 2,500 words to tell you story, please do, we are using this only as a general range.

1. No language that involves shaming people for eating meat or using animal products. Our goal is to extend the same compassion we have for animals to people so they can transition to a plant based diet feeling no pressure and not judged.

2. 1,000-2,500 words. Please write in a format that does not consist of large paragraphs. Here is a good example of the writing style we prefer. It is listed on Tiny Buddha, see example.

3. We would like a photo of you with an animal, your choice of animal. If you are not comfortable showing your face that is totally, OK. We can use a stock image we own of a farm animal.

4. Include a bio of yourself along with any and all social media or website links you would like to share. We want people to be able to find you if they are in need of your services, or would just like to follow you and learn more about how to become a vegan.