Volunteer FAQ & Participation Form

Q. What should I wear?

Be sure to wear closed toed shoes and clothes that can get dirty.  Try to stay away from loose clothing or items with tassels as they might look like fun play toys for the pigs! 

Q. How long of a drive?

We are about an hour drive from San Diego city. 

Q. Can I volunteer remotely?

Yes!  We have many needs and most you do not need to be physically here for.  

Q. How long should I expect to be there?

Volunteer shifts vary greatly.  Please let us know your time frames and we can find the perfect job for you.

Q. What will I do?

From scooping poop to taking the animals for a walk, there are various tasks that are available.  To work directly with the animals we request a bi weekly commitment.

Q. Will I work with the animals?

Everyone will have the opportunity to interact with some of the animals. To work with the larger animals or shy animals we request a bi weekly commitment.

Q. Can my children come with me?

Children 5 and over may be permitted on certain days for certain tasks. Please provide us the age of your child/children and we will do our best to accommodate on certain days. 

Q. Can my animal come to the farm?

To insure the comfort of our animals no companion animals are permitted.

Q. May I bring food or drink to the farm?

Plant based meals and beverages are welcome. They may not come into the animal pens.

Q. Can I bring treats for the animals?

All of the animals may have romaine lettuce in moderation.

Q. How do I get started?

Please complete the volunteer form.

Volunteer Sign Up Form

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Special needs or physical limitations:

Days and Times available:

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Will you be coming to the farm or working remotely?
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Special skills:
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