It is hard to imagine the refuge without its largest puppy-dog, India!

Rescue No. 12, was our second rescue from the Future Farmers of America (FFA) program. India has a beautiful black coat and the kindest eyes on the farm. He is also our most grateful resident.

India is a big growing boy! This black angus handsome guy is super playful, gentle, and sweet. India adores his pen-mate , Grace the dairy calf/cow. They love to graze together, seek out trouble (like opening their pen gate!) and love to be with each other. He is a great big brother to his twins siblings, Mila and Alfie, loving son to Mama India, and sometimes kisses littlest sister ,Rose through the fence.


Jake is lucky rescue No. 13 for Farm Animal Refuge. He was rescued on July 21,2017. Jake is the third rescue from the Future Farmers of America(FFA) program. He is a very happy and spunky boy who has completely come out of his shell since his arrival. The typical age of slaughter for goats is six months of age. We are so happy that Jake will be able to live his life here and enjoy it. Jake has a lot of life and love yet to give.

Jake loves his pen-mate, Alice the sheep. They causing trouble together, playfully head-butting and plotting ways to sneak out. This little guy has a BIG personality. His favorite snack is romaine lettuce. Jake loves being brushed, loves pats and butt-scratches , just like a dog!


Jerome is the 14th rescue at Farm Animal Refuge. If you’ve read Rudy’s story, this will sound very familiar. Jerome was found in Pomona. He was brought to the same high kill dog shelter where we picked up Rudy. Here’s where it gets interesting… He was found in an area not zoned for pigs. Our vet confirmed our suspicion that Jerome is the same age as Rudy, and you cannot deny the resemblance! We think there is high chance we found Rudy’s long lost brother!

Jerome had a bit of a rough start here; he came to us with Giardia and had back to back infections. He made a full recovery and grew into quite a big boy. He loves to follow people around wagging his tail, but doesn’t always like to be pet . Jerome is the alpha of the pot-belly pigs so far.


Willie was rescued on January 7, 2018 , as rescue No. 18. We received an urgent call to pick up an injured piglet that was injured. This was a difficult task, and extremely challenging. He was deep in about an acre of brush. After hours of patience, some cuts and bruises, we got him. He had severe , life threatening injuries. It appeared that he had been severely attacked by a dog or coyote. Willie had extensive tissue damage, that had become necrotic. We did round the clock treatments: wound flushing, antibiotics, and close monitoring.

Willie was originally supposed to be a pick up and transport to another rescue . His wounds were so extensive that we kept him to get him stabilized. The other pot-belly pigs at Farm Animal Refuge used to lay outside his quarantine area and talk to him. We started to develop so much love for this little fighter that we knew…. He would have his forever home here.

Willie is a very friendly pig. Despite his very traumatic beginning, Willie is a very happy pig. He runs to greet everyone wagging his little tail. He is still very small, but growing quickly. He is white like Rudy and Jerome but about half the size. He loves belly rubs, food, and bathing in his pool. Even though he is the smallest pig, he is next in line as boss, right behind Jerome.